Search Engine Marketing (Cyr) Strategies

Digital marketing is an aspect of promotion that use modern internet and digital technologies like desktop computers, hand held devices and various other electronic media and networking platforms to advertise products and services of a business. In today’s competitive world, it is important to get maximum exposure at the right place at the right time to create brand awareness. It helps businesses to expand their business to new markets and target potential new customers at the right time. This enables the business to make more profits in lesser time. Moreover, this also allows the businesses to get better brand recognition.

However, creating brand recognition requires proper strategies and tactics to be used. There are various types of internet marketing strategies that one can adopt for effective online marketing. These include search engine optimization techniques, pay per click advertising, web marketing strategies, online advertising and viral marketing strategies. Below is a brief description of each of these strategies:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Internet marketing strategy using search engine optimization (SEM). SEM deals with making websites highly visible in various search engines. The main purpose of SEM is to improve the rankings of websites by using various methods like, directory submission, site analysis and the use of keywords. A website can gain a good ranking by making use of different strategies. These include paid inclusion, contextual advertising, pay per click and organic search engine marketing. Directory submission is one of the basic ways of gaining SEM rank through the use of links; it helps to attain a high search engine rank.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Social media marketing is an internet marketing strategy that employs various techniques to market a product or service on the internet. The main types of SMM techniques include; social media networking, viral marketing, viral lead generation, and influencer marketing. Social media networking mainly deals with attracting prospective consumers. Some other main types of SMM techniques are blogging, twittering, video marketing and the use of email marketing campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing This type of strategy is using to promote and sell products or services of other companies on behalf of the main company. Affiliates can be anyone from a blogger to an ordinary person. The affiliates make money by referring other people to the sponsor company. By doing this they help the company to advertise and reach out to a wider target audience. For example, if an affiliate promotes holiday products to his or her subscribers, the company will reach out to a broader audience and hence reach more people. The affiliate not only profits from commissions, but also from the sale of the product or service.

Content Marketing refers to distributing information or content through various online platforms such as blogs, vlogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The content marketers usually prefer SEO for their content marketing strategy. Content marketing helps companies get more in-bound links and traffic to their website. They get to increase their visibility to the search engines which improve their ranking in the result pages and makes it easier for them to get noticed by their target audience.

Paid Social Media Marketing Paid social media advertisements refer to advertising on Facebook and other social media websites. These paid advertisements usually have a Facebook icon or are sponsored links. The advertiser pays Facebook or its affiliated platform to post ads. These ads can be text based or image based. Companies can create their own Facebook Ads or pay Facebook to host ads on their site.

SEM As part of search engine marketing (sem) strategies, Content Marketing, Display Advertising and Social Media Marketing work hand in hand. Content marketing helps businesses reach out to their target audience by creating user-friendly and attractive web pages. Content Marketing helps in increasing the number of inbound links to a website, which improves its rankings in the search engine results. Display advertising is done on the internet by displaying advertising banners, pop-ups and links on websites, which help in driving traffic to the advertiser’s site.