How To Make YouTube Videos More Effective For Your Traffic Generation

There is no spray and pray or knowing for sure that you’re wasting your money on YouTube ads, but yet you’re not even sure where it all comes from. When you have the right kind of mindset, there’s really no guess work involved. For example, I have a friend who started making some money on YouTube the very first day that Google AdSense was available. He had zero idea how much his videos were going to make him, and he lost lots of money in the beginning because he wasn’t paying attention to what YouTube had to offer. But then, when Google AdSense was introduced, his income has grown dramatically.

How did he do it? He made sure that he had YouTube running on his webhosting server at the same time every day so that he had the YouTube video ads right there on the screen for everyone to see. This is what’s called trueview, and it’s something that every person who is making a video advertisement on YouTube should know about. It can be the difference between gaining tons of loyal, daily visitors, or simply not gaining any views at all.

Trueview is a wonderful thing to have because it basically means that anyone who sees your YouTube ad will get the opportunity to click on your ad. If they want to, they can do so even if they’re not watching your video. So, this is a great way to market your website and increase your traffic volume with the least amount of effort. This simple campaign has worked for my friend, and you can have a great start like he did with his YouTube advertising campaign.

How many billions of YouTube video views do you think YouTube gets per day? This is astounding. One estimate says that YouTube spends over two billion hours on advertising. Imagine if you had an effective advertising campaign like he had, and you only spent thirty-second to sixty-second minutes on advertising. Can you imagine the difference in results you would see? If you’re still using traditional advertising methods, then you need to take a look at YouTube ads to see how you can compete with the big dogs.

So, how do you compete when it comes to advertising? One method is to have YouTube sponsored cards. These are ads that appear on YouTube itself, and they show up whenever someone watches one of your videos. Instead of spending six or seven seconds to place an ad on one of the generic sponsored cards that most people see, you can put your specific brand and URL where your viewers will see your ad. This will get your brand much more exposure, which is always a plus.

Another effective way to target your YouTube ads is by having an in-depth bidding strategy. Instead of just bidding on a particular keyword or combination of keywords, you can go into the details of your video ad and set a high-low range of prices that will only change during specific times of the month. This is very similar to how television advertisers to target their ads, but instead of spending a lot of time creating ad groups that consist of unrelated keywords, you can narrow your focus down to just the relevant terms that your viewer will use.

If you are trying to work on your YouTube traffic and haven’t noticed any real results, then another option for you to consider is the display network. Instead of having your own display network, you can join an online network that allows you to sell your own products alongside other companies that are selling the same or similar products. You can even place YouTube and sponsored cards directly over top of other advertisements, allowing users to click on them without ever seeing your ad in the wild.

There are a few different options available to you, and the final decision really depends on what you feel will work best for you. If you want to use YouTube ads as a traffic source, you might want to consider the in-depth bidding strategy mentioned above. If you already have some form of in-game advertising such as ads placed on cards or in video player screens, then overlay ads may be the best solution. If you prefer to not put your ads on the actual video player, then YouTube overlays could be the perfect solution for you. No matter which one you choose, you can be assured that YouTube visitors will be able to quickly find your product when they watch your videos.